RAK ceramics launches RAK Slim tiles in India

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Bangalore: World’s number one producer of ceramic wall & floor tiles, vitrified tiles and sanitary ware brand RAK ceramics launches RAK Slim in India. Now, switch to sleek and ‘slim’ decors and redefine exquisiteness with the wide range of RAK Slim tiles.

Keeping in line with the ever-in-vogue size-zero concept, RAK Slim is a collection of ultra-thin tiles, measuring less than one-fifth of one-inch thick (4.5 mm) and offered in a 24″x12″ (60 mm x 30 mm) format. The This collections is available in 12 high-design colours with a natural finish, RAK Slim porcelain tiles are lightweight and easy to handle for fast and accurate installations.

The India launch of RAK Slim will change the way in which re-designing and tiling of home was being done so far. The product has been developed keeping in mind the convenience of the Indian customers and is all set to take the market by storm, primarily due to it’s eco friendly production techniques. Energy cost in firing slim tiles are lower. Also the emission from plants is far lower as less energy is consumed while producing Slim tiles.

RAK Slim is a collection of fully-rectified vitrified wall tiles and represents the perfect blend of technical finesse of vitrified tile and design aesthetic of digital tiles. These tiles are lightweight and ideal to be used as indoor wall tile or for exterior cladding projects, and also be specified as TILE ON TILE concept in large & heavy commercial areas.

Durability is the highpoint of RAK SLIM. The breaking strength and modulus of rupture besides other test parameters of testing, all indicate the great performance of this tile.

RAK Slim tiles are undoubtedly the best of the lot and truly represent all that the brand stands for. Sudhir Malesha, CEO of RAK Ceramics India Pvt Ltd,puts it: “Our RAK Slim collection is just another component of RAK Ceramics’ total commitment to providing high-quality products that offer outstanding value. This collection was designed to meet market demand for high-strength, yet lightweight surfacing products.”

SO, what are you waiting for? Get that ultra-chic, ultra-sleek and stylish home with RAK Slim.

About RAK Ceramics : R.A.K Ceramics has firmly established itself as one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high quality ceramic wall & floor tiles, vitrified tiles, and sanitary ware. A global powerhouse – R.A.K Ceramics’ drive for excellence and an insatiable appetite for quality and customer satisfaction were accredited with the ISO 9001 certification by CICS (Ceramic Industry Certification Scheme), UK in 1997. The brand has recently been conferred Superbrand Status for its premium-quality product line and trend-setting designs.R.A.K Ceramics, UAE is presently engaged in the production of about 360,000 sq. mt. Per day of Ceramic / vitrified tiles and about 12,000 pieces of sanitary ware per day and exports products to 150 countries.

Availability : All leading RAK stores in India

Rak slim price starts frm Rs.150 per sq ft

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